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Basic Word List 2,000

Basic Word List 2,000

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Words You Should Know

Here are more than 2,000 words you should know if you're preparing for SAT I, ACT, GRE, or other standardized college entrance and college level exams. Each new word is listed alphabetically, defined, and presented in a model sentence. Vocabulary exercises for practice follow each group of 40 words. An informative review section gives word prefixes and roots. This book is an effective and easy-to-digest vocabulary builder for high school and college students - and for all others who want to expand and improve their word power. It's filled with vocabulary exercises you'll find especially helpful if you're preparing to take any standardized academic test. Multiple choice questions and fill-in quiz challenge you with more than 2,000 words that should be a part of your vocabulary. Use the answer keys to check your results and measure your progress.

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