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Chinese 24/7

Chinese 24/7

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Everyday Strategies for Speaking and Understanding Mandarin Chinese - with FREE audio Files

In this valuable supplement to any language course or travel trip, American author Albert Wolfe presents thinking-outside-the-box tips, tactics, and insight to help students master Mandarin Chinese faster than they ever thought possible. Based on Wolfe's popular Laowai Chinese blog, Chinese 24/7 addresses the questions and frustrations that every Chinese-language learner struggles with, but that are often absent from textbooks and classes. With Chinese 24/7, nothing gets lost in translation.

Chinese 24/7 will give you:

  • common, practical vocabulary
  • a step-by-step guide on how to pronounce all the sounds in Chinese
  • humorous tips to gently help you overcome common errors and frustrations
  • memory tricks
  • FAQs that foreigners have when learning Chinese
  • common first conversations and other typical encounters
  • culturally relevant vocabulary
  • tips for increasing your vocabulary using the language “pieces” you already know
  • beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels marked throughout
  • over 80 audio recordings of a native male and female speaker pronouncing vocabulary and sentence examples — available for free

You will go from zero to fluent with Chinese 24/7