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Contemporary Arabic with DVD

Contemporary Arabic with DVD

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Conversations with Native Speakers

Focus on Contemporary Arabic is the fifth volume in the Conversations with Native Speakers series, which strives to offer pioneering multimedia language materials to students at the intermediate and advanced levels.

These programs consist of a slim, user-friendly student textbook and an accompanying DVD that contains interviews with a variety of native speakers filmed in the target language.

These speakers represent all areas of the cultural spectrum, offering a realistic view of the diversity of the native-speaking populations of the target language. The interviews on the DVD broach an assortment of socially and culturally relevant topics and present students of the language with a glimpse into the complexity of both the language and the culture.

This course is for INTERMEDIATE students - you should have completed 2 college-level semesters in Arabic before using this course.

Once this package is opened, it is not returnable.

Book Plus Video DVD