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Cantonese Deluxe

Cantonese Deluxe

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Speak a Chinese Dialect

Learn to speak Cantonese quickly and easily by clicking, listening, and repeating over 3000 words, phrases and dialogues. You can compare your voice with the native speaker's voice to help improve clarity. Hypertext makes it easy to use this CD - simply move the mouse on each page, follow the explanation on the note panel and click on a subject:
  • A Guide to Pronunciation
  • Special characters and meanings in Cantonese
  • Cantonese pitches (tones) drill
  • Everyday phrases drill
  • Useful topics: Greetings, Introductions, Shopping, etc.
  • Explanations of grammar and usage

Includes a practical dictionary of Cantonese. This dictionary is a quick reference for everyday use in Cantonese, with specialized vocabularies applicable to Hong Kong and Canton. It is a dictionary for students of Cantonese and a practical handbook for visitors to Hong Kong/Canton. It is concise yet comprehensive, plus the following features:

  • 40 special word lists by category
  • Quickly and easily get a translation from English to Cantonese for from Cantonese to English
  • A talking dictionary recorded by native speakers gives instant translation and pronunciations
  • Complete with English entries, modified Yale Romanizations and Chinese characters

ON CD-ROM for WINDOWS 95/98/ME/XP and Macintosh System 7.1 or higher (Classic Mode Only)