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Cantonese, Essential Phrase Book

Cantonese, Essential Phrase Book

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Over 2,000 Key Words & Phrases

With thousands of phrases, this book is an invaluable guide to getting around in Cantonese. The book offers useful information on making social and business arrangements, descriptive listings of typical menu items, and a 2,000-item word list of terms relevant to the needs of tourists and travelers.

With it's clear explanation of pronunciation and the principal points of grammar, this book smoothes the transition from English to Cantonese. It also contains script and romanized forms given where applicable: index marks and margin heading allow the sections to be found with ease.


  • Over 2,000 essential phrases arranged by frequency of use
  • A glossary of the 2,000 most-needed words
  • Food, drink and lodging
  • Tips for train and automobile travel
  • Instructions and phrases for emergencies
  • Meeting people & striking up a conversation
  • The essential grammar and pronunciation you'll need to make your way smoothly through your travels

The Essential Cantonese Phrase Book is your indispensable pocket travel companion!

Paperback book, 158 pages