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Business Chinese

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Learn the Basics

Business Chinese has been designed to provide a wide range of business settings and situations in which you can practice and improve your communications skills in Chinese. Entries are selected from every field: Management, Law, Accounting, Computer, Government and more. It contains over 4000 business terms, sentences, plus conversations. After completing 10 units of practice, you can become more confident, more fluent and more accurate to help you reach your career objectives. You'll learn:

  • Industries and Professions
  • Company Departments
  • Basic Business Contact Skills
  • Business Travel
  • Face to Face Business Presentations
  • Meetings, Trade Fairs
  • Projects and Performance
  • Business Negotiations
  • Business Conversations

The fun and easy way to acquire business communications skills in the privacy of you own home or office. Record your voice and compare. Learn as much as you want at the click of a button - the more you click, the more you learn.