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Complete Handbook of Spanish Verbs

Complete Handbook of Spanish Verbs

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The Most Complete Reference Available! More than 4,500 Verbs Fully Conjugated.

The Complete Handbook of Spanish Verbs provides a quick and easy way to find the correct conjugation of nearly every verb in Spanish.

More than 4,500 Spanish verbs can be fully conjugated in all tenses, making this work the most thorough reference ever developed on the Spanish verb system.

An invaluable reference for students, libraries, and anyone who communicates in Spanish, the Complete Handbook of Spanish Verbs also includes charts that aid in mastering the verbal system and detailed explanations of correct usage.

The Complete Handbook of Spanish Verbs is organized into three sections:

  • Spanish-English Alphabetical Verb List. The First section lists 4,500 Spanish verb infinitives and 5,500 irregular forms, along with English translations. A reference number following each verb form direct you to the appropriate conjugation chart. The model verb used in the chart illustrates all of the tenses, spelling changes, alternative forms, commands, participles, and other characteristics of the verb you want to conjugate.
  • Conjugation Charts. Each of these charts shows you the full conjugation of a model verb, making the correct forms of 4,500 verbs quickly and easily accessible. You will find charts for all of the regular and irregular verbs in Spanish, as well as all verbs with spelling and stem changes. Everything you need is here, well-organized and easily located, including a list of other verbs that follow the conjugation pattern of the particular model verb. It appears on the page opposite the appropriate chart.
  • English-Spanish Alphabetical Verb List. This final section of the book lists the English translations of all the Spanish infinitives in the book, again with reference numbers to direct you to the appropriate conjugation chart.

This is the only reference source for the full conjugation of more than 4,500 Spanish verbs. There is no better, more complete reference available for understanding and mastering the Spanish verbal system.