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Chinese in a Flash Vol. 2

Chinese in a Flash Vol. 2

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The Complete Flash Card Language Kit That Helps You Learn Mandarin Chinese!

A companion to Chinese in a Flash Volume 1, this boxed set contains another 448 flash cards featuring the most common Chinese vocabulary used in everyday speech. An accompanying booklet explains how to use the cards and lists all the characters covered, with indices by radical and stroke count and by pinyin romanization.

  • Together with Chinese in a Flash Volume 1, the 448 flash cards in this volume feature the 4,000 vocabulary items needed to achieve basic literacy.
  • Provides root words and compounds in Chinese as well as important related words and definitions.
  • Provides sample sentences for each character and gives Pinyin romanizations for all characters and compounds.
  • Arranged in the order of frequency and complexity, it provides a quick and easy way to learn the basic characters or to refresh your memory.

Like most vocabulary flash cards, Chinese is written on one side of the card and the English equivalents on the other side of the card.