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Communicating in Spanish - Advanced Level

Communicating in Spanish - Advanced Level

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Learn Practical, Everyday Spanish

The purpose of the series Communicating in Spanish is to provide the learner with the language needed to survive in situations in which Spanish must be used. The major focus of the series is to give the learner essential vocabulary needed to communicate in everyday life. The type of vocabulary found in this series is frequently not presented in basic textbooks. For this reason, many students of Spanish are reduced to silence when they attempt to use the language to meet their everyday needs. The objective of this series is to overcome this frustrating problem and to enable the learner to express himself or herself in practical situations.

This third book in this series takes each communicative topic and provides the student with the tool needed to communicate at the advanced level of proficiency. So, for example, the first elementary level book enabled the novice learner to make a telephone call and leave a message. The second, intermediate book expands on this and gives the learner the tools to make different types of calls. This third, advanced book provides the vocabulary necessary to explain the various problems one encounters while telephoning and also enables the speaker to get the necessary assistance to rectify problems.

Since each chapter focuses on a real-life situation, the answers to most exercises and activities are open-ended. The learner should feel free to respond to any exercise based on his or her personal situation. When doing the exercises, one should not focus on grammatical accuracy. The possibility of making an error should not inhibit the learner from responding in a way that is, in fact, comprehensible to any native speaker of the language.

In each lesson, the section entitled Situaciones sets up hypothetical situations the learner may encounter while attempting to survive in a Spanish-speaking milieu. In carrying out the instructions in these activities, the student should react using any Spanish he or she knows. Again, the student should not be inhibited by fear of making an error.

Softcover Book (178 pages)