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Complete Japanese Adjective Guide

Complete Japanese Adjective Guide

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Clear Explanations for every Adjective Formation

The Complete Japanese Adjective Guide is a simple approach to understanding Japanese grammar and syntax, methodically leading students through intricacies of adjective use. Exercises build mastery and confidence as grammar topics are introduced. Regular and "na" adjectives are discussed in separate sections to allow beginning students to clarify differences. Vocabulary is kept to a minimum, with a concentration on the fundamental patterns of adjective use - what works with one adjective will work with another like it - and beginning students with limited vocabulary will be able to do the exercises without the distraction of constantly looking up new words.

An invaluable workbook for any student of introductory Japanese, The Complete Japanese Adjective Guide is written so the reader can master adjectives, which in turn will help in distinguishing desu forms and verbs. Lessons are incremental - with easy-to-follow explanations for independent study - gradually working up to the more difficult patterns, and include many memory drills to afford the opportunity to thoroughly master the topic at hand. This volume also includes a convenient glossary of nouns.


  • Clear Explanations of Every Adjective Formation
  • Comprehensive Exercises and Drills
  • Completely romanized for ease of use

Book includes an answer key to the exercises.

Paperback Book, 249 Pages.