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Cambridge Latin Course Unit 4

Cambridge Latin Course Unit 4

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A successful course presented in a colorful, engaging book

The Cambridge Latin Course is a well-established introductory program in four Units. This proven approach includes a stimulating, continuous storyline, grammatical development and cultural information carefully woven throughout the text, a complete Language Information section and color photographs that illustrate the Roman world.

The first part of Unit 4 is set in and around the court of the Emperor Domitian. The stories explore the tensions and effects of living under tyranny. (Other titles in the series have taken the reader to Alexandria, Pompeii, Roman Britain, and imperial Rome.) The second part of Unit 4 is an anthology of Latin prose and poetry (largely unadapted) including selections from Pliny, Cicero, Virgil, Ovid, Catullus, and Livy.

Key features of the Fourth Edition include:

  • A wide range of color photographs, many specially commissioned
  • Updated sections on background and culture, taking account of recent research
  • Revised presentation of grammatical features
  • Expanded sections featuring work on derivatives
  • Revised and expanded questions accompanying comprehension pages.

Paperback book, 410 pages