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Dictionary of Common Mistakes in Spanish

Dictionary of Common Mistakes in Spanish

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Common Errors of English Speakers in Spanish and How to Avoid Them

The Spanish language is full of pitfalls for English speakers. This dictionary flags over 1,400 of the most likely errors and shows how to avoid them. It alerts you to potential mistakes that may be embarrassing or simply unintelligible in Spanish and provides the correct equivalent in authentic, idiomatic Spanish.

The focus of this book is:

  • Problem words that are difficult to translate. For instance, when should the word "glass" be translated by el vidrio and when by el vaso? When is el cristal correct?
  • Problem verbs such as ser and estar. What is the difference between La niña es lista and La niña está lista?
  • Everyday English phrases that must be expressed by an idiomatic Spanish equivalent, rather than translated literally word for word. For example, " How old are you?" is ¿Cuanto años tienes? in colloquial Spanish
  • False cognates, words that look like English words, but have a different meaning in Spanish. For example, el suceso means "event," el éxito means "success," bien educado means "well mannered."

For easy reference, the entries are in alphabetical order by the English word. Selections under each entry highlight what you most need to know for everyday communication. Practical examples illustrate possible options and guide you to the correct choice in a given context.

This book is an ideal supplement to any textbook or standard English/Spanish dictionary. It is a storehouse of contemporary speech, essential to vocabulary building and idiomatic expression in Spanish. Whether you are a translator, teacher, student, or a learner at any level, you will find that you will communicate more effectively in Spanish by using this valuable reference guide.



Softcover Book, 248 pages