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Dari Dictionary & Phasebook

Dari Dictionary & Phasebook

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Dari-English and English-Dari, 5000 Entries

Dari is one of the official languages of Afghanistan. Closely related to the Persian (Farsi) of Iran, and the Tajik of Tajikstan, the languages have been split by politics and geography. This two-way dictionary and travel-oriented phrasebook provides an indispensable resource for travelers, businesspersons and foreign aid workers.

  • Romanized for English speakers
  • 5,000 total entries
  • Basic Dari grammar & pronunciation
  • Practical cultural information

Nicholas Awde is an author and linguist specializing in the Caucasus, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. He is the author of five books about the region, including The Afghans, Pashto Dictionary & Phrasebook and Urdu Dictionary & Phrasebook.

Paperback Book, 226 pages, 4 inches by 7 inches