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Deutsche Erzählungen - German Stories

Deutsche Erzählungen - German Stories

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A Bilingual Anthology including stories by Goethe, Hebel, Kleist and more!

The language of a culture is often best learned by reading the great literature of that culture. The short stories in this bilingual anthology are from the works of some of the great masters of the German literary tradition. The stories of Goethe, Kleist, Mann, Kafka, and others are included here in both German and English, offering the reader a representative collection of the stories that illustrate the development of German fiction from the late eighteenth century to the present.

Harry Steinhauer is Professor Emeritus of German at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has edited and translated numerous volumes of German literature, including Twelve German Novellas (UC Press, 1977).

"Harry Steinhauer's bilingual Deutsche Erzählungen / German Stories, now expanded and revised, remains unique in its field: a brilliant collection of short German fiction distinguished by the editor's own persuasive English translations facing the original German, with lucid introductions on each author and useful notes on idioms and background information. This anthology is a valuable aid for students who want to improve their ability to read German as well as for those who would like an overview of short German fiction since the eighteenth century." … William E. Petig, Stanford University

"Harry Steinhauer has produced a collection that is exemplary in all senses, leaning heavily on stories of the parablelike vein that especially belong to the genius of German fiction. He stays always at the peak of German literature, chooses both authors and stories with authoritative discrimination, and furnishes the collection with just the right amount of introduction and commentary. This highly serviceable book should make improving one's German, or just reading, a joy." … Albert Cook, Brown University

Includes short stories by Goethe, Hebel, Kleist, Hoffmann, Stifter, Keller, Fontane, Schnitzler, Mann, Kafka and Böll.

Paperback Book, 451 pages in both German and English.