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Dari For Foreigners - Book/Audio CDs

Dari For Foreigners - Book/Audio CDs

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A Basic Course in Dari emphasizing the spoken Language plus the writing system

Primarily designed for English-speaking students. This book/audio CD package provides guided instructions for reading, writing and understanding the Dari language.

The English alphabet has been adopted to represent the sound system of Dari using a methodology known as the “lowest common denominator.” Students are able to master the grammatical features of the language through a sound system that is familiar and comfortable.

This is a basic course in Dari as spoken in Afghanistan. It is the language of choice in country both in business and government work.

Each lesson begins with a short dialogue containing the main grammatical structures taught in the lesson. While emphasizing the spoken language, it also teaches the reading and writing system of Dari. The course develops listening, speaking, reading and elementary writing skills.

This is the third edition of this work.

Includes a textbook with 394 pages and 4 Audio CDs.

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