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Dictionary of Latin American Spanish Phrases & Expressions

Dictionary of Latin American Spanish Phrases & Expressions

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Over 1,200 Latin American Phrases/Expressions in Spanish with English Translations

This colorful collection offers over 1,200 phrases and expressions from all regions of Latin America. For each expression, the country of origin is provided when applicable, along with one or more equivalent English translations.

A subsequent section entitled Phrases and Expressions in English provides Spanish equivalents to approximately 700 well-known English expressions.

For the majority of entries, examples are given in both languages to illustrate usage.

This is an essential reference for both those who enjoy the cultural reflections of language and for bilingual students seeking to refine their knowledge of either Spanish or English.

  • Over 1,200 Latin American phrases and expressions in Spanish, with English equivalents
  • Over 700 English phrases and expressions, with Spanish equivalents
  • Each section ordered alphabetically
  • Examples of usage in both Spanish and English
  • Index of English terms for quick reference

Paperback Book, 178 pages