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Dutch Now!

Dutch Now!

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Read, Listen, and Speak Dutch Instantly!

Dutch Now! uses exciting stories to rapidly build and improve your Dutch. Even if you've never tried to learn Dutch before, this revolutionary approach lets you instantly hear, understand, and enjoy real Dutch. You'll read compelling literature that grabs your attention and holds your interest.

You'll find yourself successfully using and understanding Dutch, in context. Hear native Dutch speakers pronounce every word and sentence - perfect your own pronunciation with the record and playback options. Build your Dutch skills with fun interactive games. You'll test yourself on vocabulary, sentence construction and listening comprehension.

The program includes a comprehensive Dutch grammar reference that links to each and every word. From word meaning to sentence structure to grammar help - all aspects of Dutch quickly become familiar. Dutch Now! introduces you to some of the best Dutch ever written. From culture to current affairs these stories and articles are so engaging, you'll hardly notice you're learning. That's because you learn by successfully using real Dutch! Native speakers pronounce each and every word and sentence at your command. With over 10,000 words, you won't get better listening and speaking practice than this. And now, in Version 8.0, you get the most common words in Dutch - basic vocabulary that occurs over and over in speaking and writing. Plus, see and use each word in easy sentences.

Plus, you get survival phrases for Dutch. You'll master essential communication skills for travel, business or just getting around. In this new version you participate in real conversations. You'll learn key phrases quickly and easily. And there are pictures and video presentations to make the language "come alive."