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Dictionary of Russian Slang And Colloquial Expression

Dictionary of Russian Slang And Colloquial Expression

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More than 5,000 words and their popular meanings that you won't find in standard Russian-English Dictionaries.

For Students and teachers of the Russian Language, for travelers and business people. This is the language as it is actually spoken … informal and vernacular. Words and phrases are listed alphabetically in Cyrillic type, followed by their translations and meanings in English.

Every term is used in an illustrative sentence in Russian and English: Street language, criminal jargon, teenager's slang, army and police expressions.

This dictionary is based on the recording and collecting of Vladimir Shlyakhov in the years 1987 through 1994, mostly in Moscow. The author was guided by one chief principle: all words and expressions, in whatever social stratum of the Russian-speaking population they may originate, have a claim to appear in the pages of dictionaries. Its goal is to provide readers with a reliable and convenient key to this previously inaccessible area of Russian expression and language.

Special efforts have been made to render the explanatory material and the usage examples as transparent as possible, particularly where words and expressions reflect those areas of Russian and Soviet experience that are likely to be more foreign to English speakers.

Because of the very nature of slang, this book necessarily contains expressions that some readers might find offensive.

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