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Dictionary of Spanish Slang And Colloquial Expressions

Dictionary of Spanish Slang And Colloquial Expressions

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More than 4,000 words and their popular meanings that you won't find in standard Spanish-English Dictionaries.

Travelers to Spain or Latin America quickly discover that their textbook knowledge of the language will take them only so far. Most people - including highly educated people - spice their native language with large amounts of slang.

If you have at least intermediate-level training in Spanish, this handy book will help you past the slang barrier. More than 4,000 common Spanish slang words and colloquial expressions are presented with grammatical information, the definition in English, a sentence or phrase in Spanish to illustrate usage,and an English translation of the example, using, where applicable, a corresponding English slang expression.

Because of the very nature of slang, this book necessarily contains expressions that some readers might find offensive.

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