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Assimil Dutch with Ease - CDs

Assimil Dutch with Ease - CDs

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Multimedia Pack Coursebook with 4 Audio CDs

Nine reasons why Assimil will help you succeed:

  1. Method Usable by all Learners - Courses are suitable for all learners from true beginners to those who already have a working knowledge of Dutch.
  2. Practical and Enjoyable - Short and enjoyable lessons based on topics selected for their relevance. Lessons, exercises and grammar are presented in a single book.
  3. Complete Language Course - The Assimil method is serious and exceptionally complete. In just several months, you will reach a normal conversational level.
  4. No Rote Learning of Vocabulary or Grammar - Light-hearted dialogues presented in the form of varied and useful sketches.
  5. Quality Recordings - Recordings are initially slow and gradually build up to conversational speed. All dialogues are recorded by native speakers in Europe.
  6. Basic Conversation Mastered - You will have mastered some 2,000 useful and practical words.
  7. Permanent Progress Auto-Check - Using the auto-check exercises and course principles, you can constantly check progress in both vocabulary and grammar.
  8. Ideal to help Students Keep Up - With just 30 minutes a day, high school and college students make spectacular progress.
  9. A Best Buy - Assimil is one of the best selling courses in Europe - where languages skills are serious business.

The Assimil method consists of two phases:

The passive phase (the first few weeks) during which you simply read and take in the dialogue and explanations.

The active phase, which occurs halfway through the book, when you being to generate your own sentences and to communicate spontaneously in a variety of everyday situations.

Join the millions of other learners who have learned Dutch with this great method!