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Destinos Workbook/Study Guide - Part 1

Destinos Workbook/Study Guide - Part 1

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Workbook to accompany the Destinos Video Course Part 1

Whereas the materials in the Destinos Textbook pertain primarily to the video episodes, the materials in the Workbook/Study Guide are intended to help you expand your knowledge of the Spanish language in general, as well as giving you opportunities for self-expression in Spanish.

This workbook is intended to be used with a separate set of audio CDs (purchased separately). Since the workbook depends on the student listening to the material on the CDs, this book is not useful without the audio CDs. (These audio CDs are different from the audio CDs provided with the textbook).

The Audio CDs or Audio Cassettes are a NECESSARY companion to this workbook.

Paperback book, 353 pages