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Easy Arabic Grammar

Easy Arabic Grammar

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Conquer the complexities of Arabic Grammar

Aimed at beginners and early intermediate students of Arabic, Easy Arabic Grammar begins with the basic building blocks of the language and progresses to an exploration of many of the subtleties of Modern Standard Arabic, while also explaining the different levels of formality used in spoken Arabic.

With its concise and user-friendly format, Easy Arabic Grammar is ideal for the classroom, as well as for self-study learners wanting to improve their grammar usage. Divided into two parts-an examination of basic grammar and a thorough assessment of verbs-this book also features:

  • Clear and concise explanations
  • Numerous engaging practice activities
  • Clear progression from unit to unit
  • Reference and practice material within one book
  • Optional "Case Notes" sections throughout for those wanting more
  • Information on traditional inflected Arabic

Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar share many years' experience in a combination of teaching, educational publishing, and commerce in the Arab world. They are also co-authors of numerous Arabic instructional guides and courses.

Paperback book, 149 pages