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250 Essential Chinese Characters for Everyday Use Vol. 2

250 Essential Chinese Characters for Everyday Use Vol. 2

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Master Chinese Script and Vocabulary

This book, 250 Essential Chinese Characters for Everyday Use, Vol. 2, is the second part of a 2-volume set that introduces a further 250 characters. These basic characters enable the beginner studentsof Chinese to build up their basic vocabulary and writing skills.

This book provides ample space for writing practice, but also gives the meaning of each character, its derivation, and its components - including the radical - and provides a range of compounds and sample sentences specifically designed to increase the user's active vocabulary.

In addition to the reference and practice material, there are 25 quizzes based on each set of 10 characters learned, and 5 more substantial review sections based on every 50 characters learned. An answer key to all the this material, including the challenging Word Puzzles, is given at the back of the book. There are also alphabetical and radial indexes for quick reference to all the characters an compounds covered.

Paperback Book, 342 Pages.