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Essential ESL Grammar

Essential ESL Grammar

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A Handbook for Intermediate and Advanced ESL Students

Get expert instruction on English basics and a little extra help on the more tricky grammar points

McGraw-Hill’s Essential ESL Grammar does more than cover the basics of English; it pays special attention to those irksome subjects that trouble even native English speakers.

Mark Lester, bestselling author of the most widely used college grammar text in the country, has developed an innovative method to help you conquer tricky subjects such as articles, tense, verb complements, word order, and more.

Master these troublesome subjects that baffle even native speakers of English:

  • articles
  • determiners
  • predicate adjective complements
  • post-noun adjectives
  • conjunctions
  • word order
  • verb tenses
  • modals
  • noun clauses

Gain confidence in speaking English in any setting: in the workplace, at school, in social situations, and at home.

Paperback Book, 344 pages