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Everything French Practice Book with CD

Everything French Practice Book with CD

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Practical techniques to Improve your French speaking and writing skills

This guide is all beginner and intermediate speakers need to go beyond bonjour and au revoir. This oversized workbook has more than 200 written and audio exercises for a complete learning experience. Features expert guidance on:

  • Proper French grammar and usage
  • Vocabulary building
  • Help with pronunciation
  • Comprehension and conversation skills
  • Clear and effective writing

Some exercises require listening to the accompanying audio CD.

This book is the ultimate resource for you to improve your French. In no time, you'll be speaking like a true Parisien!

Annie Heminway (New York, NY) is an educator, translator, and writer. For more than twenty-five years, she has taught classes in French grammar, creative writing, literature, and translation at the French Institute/Alliance Française de New York. She is the author of several French textbooks for McGraw Hill, Random House, Heinle and Heinle, and Barron's.

Paperback Book, 309 pages with audio CD