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Essential Tagalog - Tuttle

Essential Tagalog - Tuttle

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Speak Tagalog with Confidence

Essential Tagalog provides all the vocabulary and sentences you will need for everyday interactions in the Philippines, presented in a way that is concise, accessible and easy to understand. It will give you the confidence to approach every situation, be it for business or pleasure.

In this book you'll find:

  • Over 2000 essential Tagalog sentences and phrases used when meeting people, starting up conversations, asking and replying to questions
  • A glossary of 2000 key vocabulary items to ensure that the right word is always at your fingertips in every situation
  • Terms and phrases covering essential aspects of travel and doing things that help you make the most of your stay in the Philippines
  • Boxed features give special phrases and etiquette notes to help make your interactions with people much easier and smoother

Basic grammar and pronunciation guides get you speaking simple Tagalog sentences right away. Information on social customs and basic etiquette help you interact with people you meet and avoid making embarrassing mistakes. Whether you're a novice Tagalog speaker or have some experience with the language, this is a reference you'll turn to again and again.