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Essential German Grammar

Essential German Grammar

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The Student-friendly Handbook that Combines Authoritativeness with Clarity

Lively and easy to use, with clear explanations, authentic examples, and visually appealing tables, Essential German Grammar combines a concise, introductory-level reference book with the review benefits of a workbook to provide students with a solid foundation in German.

Distilling essential components of Hammer's German Grammar & Usage, this versatile guide for beginning and intermediate learners features two-color tables to simplify learning; varied, study-friendly exercises for grammar consolidations; a glossary of grammatical terms; and much more.

  • Clear explanations of the essential rules (with the most useful rules shown up front) and a wide range of authentic examples
  • Numerous two-color tables to help clarify difficult concepts and to aid in self-review
  • A separate exercise section and answer key to give you the opportunity to test yourself and put into practice what you have learned
  • A glossary for concise explanation o( grammatical concepts

Martin Durrell is a professor of German at the University o( Manchester, U.K., and author of Hammer's German Grammar and Usage. Katrin Kohl is Fellow in German at the University of Oxford, U.K. Gudrun Loftus is an instructor of German at the University of Oxford.