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Essential German Verb Skills

Essential German Verb Skills

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Everything You Need to Know About Verb Usage

Learn how to use German verbs in complete sentences

Once you’ve learned how to conjugate German verbs, you must still understand how verbs function within complete sentences. That’s where Essential German Verb Skills comes in. The book will help you hone your mastery of German verb usage. It focuses on the all-important topics of word order, reflexive verbs, prefixes, and verb endings, among other essential aspects of the German verb system.

Take the next big step on the road to fluency in German

Essential German Verb Skills makes it quicker and easier than ever to master correct German verb usage- -a major step in developing mature German-language communication skills.

Most verb books give you verbs in a vacuum, focusing mainly on conjugating tenses. Essential German Verb Skills, in contrast, shows you how to apply correct verb usage to sentence building. Using real-world examples and exercises, author Ed Swick goes beyond conjugation to demonstrate how verbs function in both formal and everyday spoken and written German. And he shows you how to integrate them into meaningful sentences of your own.

A powerful learning tool for serious, intermediate-level German-language learners, Essential German Verb Skills:

  • Takes a unique "through English eyes" approach to explaining the German verb system
    Features special chapters devoted to confusing
  • verbs
    Provides dozens of practical exercises
  • Contains tables that efficiently resolve troublesome issues
  • Includes handy appendixes of irregular verbs and of common verbs and the prepositions that go with them

If all you want is to memorize enough verb conjugations to pass your German mid-term, then any verb book will do. But if you're ready to put the finishing touches on your mastery of verb usage, Essential German Verb Skills is for you.

Paperback Book, 208 pages