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Exploring in Chinese - DVD plus Book

Exploring in Chinese - DVD plus Book

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A DVD-based Course in INTERMEDIATE Chinese

Exploring in Chinese is an intermediate-level multimedia Chinese program consisting of a student text and accompanying DVD that uses unscripted dialogues as the basis for students to make the transition from the basic skills acquired at the elementary level to the more complex comprehension skills required at the intermediate level. This first of a two-volume set spans the third semester of study, following the first two semesters covered in the elementary program, Communicating in Chinese, also by Cynthia Ning.

The curriculum is based on edited video footage filmed in Beijing, China in the summer of 1999. Its content includes interviews, filmed interactions among two or more people, and records of common transactions, all of which were purposely unrehearsed and unscripted, in order to obtain the "naturalness" and spontaneity of the interactions.

The text includes learning activities divided into 20 lessons:

  • Previewing Activity
  • First Viewing
  • Second Viewing
  • Post Viewing Activities
  • Transcript of the video segment

Within each section, students are encouraged to view the segment as many times as necessary to complete the assigned tasks. (The author strongly suggests that the student NOT read the transcript before doing all the exercises)

Cynthia Ning is associate director of the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. She regularly conducts teacher-training sessions for secondary and post-secondary levels on performance-based language testing and training, and gives a wide range of lectures on Chinese culture to both academic and nonacademic audiences. She has also served as president of the international Chinese Language Teachers Association.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is intended for INTERMEDIATE Students of Mandarin Chinese. You should have completed the equivalent of 2 full College semesters in Chinese to be able to use this product.