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Everything Intermediate Spanish Book/CD

Everything Intermediate Spanish Book/CD

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Take Your Spanish Speaking, Writing and Reading Skill to the Next Level

The Everything Intermediate Spanish Book with CD is the perfect guide to take your Spanish speaking, writing, and reading to the next level.

Whether you're planning a trip to españa or simply brushing up on what you already know for personal or professional interest, this valuable book and CD will help you reach your goals.

Grammar and vocabulary lessons are presented through entertaining and practical real-world situations. The lighthearted tone and familiar scenarios will encourage you to overcome the "fear factor" and have fun while communicating effectively in Spanish!

The Everything Intermediate Spanish Book with CD features:

  • Pronunciation review
  • Equivalents of the verb to be
  • Reflexive and transitive verbs
  • Casual and formal etiquette
  • Conditional and commands

With this book and audio practice CD, you will soon be able to move with ease throughout the Spanish-speaking world!

Paperback Book, 335 pages with Audio CD