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Everything Learning Latin

Everything Learning Latin

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Read & Write this Classical Language & Apply It to Modern English

Latin is a living, breathing language! Many of the English words you use today, such as ad hoc, memorandum, et cetera, and habitat, are based on Latin roots. A basic understanding of Latin will vastly improve your English vocabulary and provide keys to understanding legal, medical, and scientific nomenclature.

The Everything® Learning Latin Book builds upon what you already know about English to teach you the basics of Latin grammar, usage, and vocabulary. Through step-by-step instruction, practical exercises, and cultural information, The Everything® Learning Latin Book will have you speaking like a Roman in no time.

Other features include:

  • The history and evolution of the Latin language
  • Extensive glossaries
  • Exercises
  • Pronunciation instruction

Paperback Book, 305 pages, Two-color throughout.

Richard E. Prior, Ph.D., is an associate professor of classics at Furman University, where he teaches Roman civilization and archaeology in addition to Latin language and literature. He received his doctorate from the University of Buffalo, and has been teaching at the secondary and university level for eighteen years.