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Essentials of Russian Grammar

Essentials of Russian Grammar

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A complete guide for students and professionals. Everything you need to know about Russian Grammar and usage.

In one compact volume, ESSENTIALS OF RUSSIAN GRAMMAR (by Nicholas Maltzoff) offers an integrated presentation of the major grammatical concepts needed for correct speech and writing in Russian. The explanations contained in this handbook are both concise and thorough and are accompanied by numerous examples to assure complete understanding and mastery. The language of the examples is contemporary, reflecting for the most part situations encountered in daily life.

All important grammatical concepts in the Russian language are presented here in 12 units. To facilitate use of this reference, a specific concept is fully covered in a given unit. In this way, the user has quick and easy access to information.

ESSENTIALS OF RUSSIAN GRAMMAR will prove to be indispensable to all those who need a comprehensive reference book of the Russian language.

Softcover book
332 pages