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Easy Spanish Crossword Puzzles

Easy Spanish Crossword Puzzles

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Learn Spanish Through Crossword Puzzles

49 Crossword Puzzles to Learn and Practice Spanish Vocabulary and Grammar

Easy Spanish Crossword Puzzles offers beginning students of Spanish-and those who are brushing up, an entertaining but effective way of expanding their knowledge of the Spanish language.

The crucigramas in this book cover a wide variety of topics related to the activities and concerns of daily life. They will challenge you and help you develop your Spanish-language skills.

The crosswords have been arranged according to difficulty. They begin with simple English-to-Spanish puzzles, followed by Spanish-to-English puzzles. You will find the more demanding Spanish-to-Spanish puzzles in the last third of the book. Although each section offers a greater challenge than the one before it, the book as a whole was designed for the enjoyment of beginners.

If you have any difficulty with a puzzle clue, complete vocabulary lists and solutions have been provided at the back of the book.

Paperback book, 63 pages