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Essential Spanish For Pharmacists

Essential Spanish For Pharmacists

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More than 200 Phrases and 300 terms

The publication, small enough to fit in one’s breast pocket, provides translations and pronunciations for 200 of the most common phrases and more than 300 of the most common words used in pharmacy. It is designed for the English-speaking pharmacist who has occasional, regular, or frequent interactions with Spanish-speaking patients.

Organized in four sections, the book’s first three sections (Initial Patient Encounter, Patient Data Collection, and Patient Consultation Directions) contain simple phrases that will help with most pharmacist-patient conversations. Included are greetings and departures, expressions of courtesy, and phrases related to insurance and physician information, medication histories, dispensing information, administration and storage instructions, duration and use, refills, and side effects. Section 4, a glossary, provides the Spanish words, along with pronunciations, for the days of the week, time of day, numbers, colors, family relations, meals, parts of the body, measurements, dosage forms, drug administration routes, diseases, and drug classes.

Paperback book, 69 pages