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English-Tagalog Concise Dictionary

English-Tagalog Concise Dictionary

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Over 6,000 practical entries

The number of people studying Tagalog - the national language of the Philippnes - is greater than ever before. This book addresses the growing need for a conicse, reliable, and inexpensive English-Tagalog Dictionary. It is ideal for teachers, students, business people, travelers, and all others interested in studying Tagalog.

The key to understanding Tagalog is a thorough familiarity with the stresses, glottal vowels, and basic vocabulary of the language, all of which are treated in this book. Pronunciation guidelines were determined by the Institute of National Language, which based its preferences on standard Manila dialect.


  • Over 6,000 practical entries
  • Perfect for everyday vocabulary
  • Pronunciation guidelines from the Institute of National Language in the Philippines

Please note that this dictionary is English to Tagalog only. It does not provide Tagalog to English lookup.

Paperback Book - 169 Pages