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Elementary Vietnamese

Elementary Vietnamese

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A Complete College-Level Language Course in Vietnamese

Elementary Vietnamese is a complete language course designed for college-level classroom use or self-study, developed by the author for his classes at Harvard University.

Using examples from contemporary popular media, it serves also as a general introduction to modern Vietnamese society and culture and is invaluable for anyone planning to travel, study or work in Vietnam.

This best-selling book has now been newly revised and features:

  • Introduction: A systematic description of the Vietnamese language, its sound patterns, dialectal variation and writing system.
  • Pronunciation Guide: Eight units presenting a thorough introduction to pronunciation, with clear descriptions of vowel sounds, tones and spelling conventions.
  • 15 Lessons: Each with a topical focus and presenting specific items of grammar and usage by way of short dialogs and narratives. accompanied by vocabulary listings and full explanatory notes. Language use is practiced through drills to ensure accuracy and also other more flexible communicative exercises. New in this edition is an extra lesson to fit the material more closely to a full academic year in US colleges.
  • Glossaries: Vietnamese-English and English-Vietnamese reference listings of all the vocabulary covered.
  • Grammar and Usage Index refers to the grammatical and usage material covered in each lesson

Dr Binh Nhu Ngo was born and educated in Hanoi. He earned a PhD in Linguistics from the Russian Academy of Sciences and for ten years taught Vietnamese and linguistics at Moscow University. He has taught regularly at the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI) and is a member of the Council of Teachers of Southeast Asian Languages (COTSEAL) and a representative of Harvard University at the Group of Universities for the Advancement of Vietnamese Abroad (GUAVA).

Dr Ngo is fluent in a number of European languages and is the author of numerous books and articles on the Vietnamese language. He has been teaching Vietnamese at Harvard University since 1992 and is the Director of the Vietnamese Language Program.

"This is a superbly constructed textbook wri.tten by an experienced teacher for the benefit of beginning learners of Vietnamese. . . Professor Ngo is to be congratulated on his outstanding achievement: he has indeed produced a powerful tool in the area of learning resources for Southeast Asian languages." …Nguyen Dinh-Hoa, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and Foreign Languages, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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