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Farsi (Persian) Dictionary & Phrasebook

Farsi (Persian) Dictionary & Phrasebook

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More than 4,000 Entries

Farsi, or Persian, is the official language of Iran, where approximately 70 million people speak it as a first or second language. There are also many millions of speakers In neighboring countries.

Farsi is written in Perso-Arabic script, but it is presented in this book in a romanized, easy-to-use form for instant communication. This volume uses the Tehran standard of Farsi.

In addition to a pronunciation guide and transliteration system of the Farsi alphabet, included are a resourceful two-way dictionary containing more than 4,000 entries, an informative grammar section, and a collection of travel-oriented phrases. Observations related to travel and culture are also interspersed throughout the phrasebook.

Paperback Book, 219 pages