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French For Kids DVD Vol 1

French For Kids DVD Vol 1

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You Know it's Educational. Your Kids Know it's Cool!

French for Kids is a DVD and booklet set that makes learning French a fun adventure for your child. Starring native French speakers and adorable 3-D animated characters, this DVD teaches basic conversational French within the context of a fantastic birthday party, full of lively songs, delicious food, and playful games. Pénélope and her cuddly French-speaking puppy, “Pezi”, teach useful phrases for meeting and greeting, counting, eating, playing, and much more.

Narrated and subtitled in English, French for Kids is perfect for beginner students of all ages.

  • Contains 7 complete lessons on everyday conversation
  • Includes interactive DVD games that tests your child’s comprehension
  • Introduces over 100 practical phrases and vocabulary words
  • Lively sing-a-long songs reinforce new words and phrases
  • Chapter menu allows quick access to a specific lesson
  • Accompanied with a learning booklet so parents can review the lessons together with their children

This product employs a unique Multi-Cognition Approach™ developed by a cognitive scientist from Stanford University. This methodology stresses three proven learning techniques: 1) repetition, 2) active thinking, and 3) information clustering.

First, new phrases are repeated multiple times which provides ample opportunity for your child's brain to register the information. Next, we take learning to a deeper level by encouraging your child to think actively about the meaning of the phrases. Lastly, because too much information at once can be difficult to absorb, the Multi-Cognition Approach™ groups new words and phrases into easy-to-manage clusters. The net result is that your child will be able to learn more at a faster rate and be able to better retain what he or she has learned.

The Multi-Cognition Approach™ is a scientifically based way to maximize language learning and retention.

DVD Video, Approximately 45 minutes running time

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