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French Interactive Flashcards

French Interactive Flashcards

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Great for Study, Reference, Quick Review or checking for Test Readiness

REA's Interactive Flashcard books represent a novel approach which combines the merits of flash cards with the ease of using a book.

One side of each page includes questions to be answered, with space for writing in one's answers — a feature not usually found on flash cards. The flip side of the same page contains the correct answers, much as flash cards do.

French is fully indexed making it easy to locate topics for study. Thanks to the book form, there is no need to look for and fish out appropriate questions from a box and put them back in the proper order, and there is no need to carry around a box of 1,000 flash cards. The book is easier to take along and carry.

These "flashcards" are not just vocabulary words. They are mini-quizzes - including subjects like word order, case, conjugation, and more. Here are some examples:

Side 1: Un ____ (beau) appartement
Side 2: bel

Side 1: Il ______ (pleuvoir) demain soir.
Side 2: pleuvra

Side 1: ________, ils sont beaux.
Side 2: Eux

Paperback Book, 665 pages