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Fodor's Italian for Travelers - CDs

Fodor's Italian for Travelers - CDs

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Phrasebook/Dictionary with Travel Tips and 2 Audio Cassettes or CDs

In every travel situation, from arrival to departure, Fodor's Italian for Travelers makes it easy to speak and understand Italian, even if you've never studied it before.

All the essentials in a single package.

  • A 271-page phrasebook - With a two-way dictionary and more than 3,800 words and phrases. To make yourself understood, just read straight from the book. Easy-to-use phonetics help you speak like a native. Plus grammar basics, travel tips, maps, and more.
  • Two 45-minute CDs - To learn more than 900 essential phrases, listen to native speakers and repeat what they say. English translations help you learn on the go. And brief sample dialogues help you get used to hearing Italian spoken naturally.

From the editors of LIVING LANGUAGE - from one of the most respected names in Travel and Language Instruction.