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French or Foe?

French or Foe?

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What is it about the French?

This book will help you get the most out of visiting, living and working in France. The French are so admired, the splendors of their country make it the most frequently visited in Europe -- and yet the French provoke such angry reactions! Why is it so hard to get information in France? Why does it take so long to get business done? Why are the French so difficult? Are they really so difficult? French or Foe? explores the cultural hurdles to understanding them and sketches the context that forms Frenchness. With anecdotes and examples of real people in real situations of daily life and business, Polly Platt unlocks the codes to enjoying your associations with French people, drawing on her experience as a journalist, her 25 years of living in France and 8 years of managing Culture Crossings, a consultancy and training organization for corporation transfers and their spouses.

Soft cover Book, 272 pages

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