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Formal Spoken Arabic with MP3 Files

Formal Spoken Arabic with MP3 Files

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Fast Course with Audio Files

This new edition, updated and with additional exercises, equips those who work, travel, and study in Arab countries with an educated form of spoken Arabic that functions flexibly in the face of various regional colloquial variants in the Arab world.
Because the Arabic language has a number of very different spoken vernaculars, being able to speak and be understood in all Arab countries has become a challenge for English speakers. Ryding and Mehall have designed a course that teaches a standardized variant of spoken Arabic that is close to, but more natural than, the literary Modern Standard Arabic.

With a non-grammar-based approach, this book fosters communicative competence in Arabic on all levels and develops speaking proficiency without abandoning Arabic script. It has proven to be clear, effective, and relevant to the needs of Americans living and working in the Arab East. Task-based lessons feature basic dialogues between Americans and Arabs, explanations of new structures, vocabulary expansion, and exercises; and provide gradual access to the sounds and script of Arabic by emphasizing listening and reading comprehension first, then slowly adding oral exercises and activities until the student has achieved basic proficiency.

Not intended for self-instruction for beginners, Formal Spoken Arabic Basic Course with MP3 Files assumes some previous knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic script and phonology, and previous or simultaneous instruction in orthography.

This new edition includes a CD of MP3 audio exercises that are keyed to the text and drill students on listening and speaking.

Includes text plus audio CD with MP3 Files

Priase for Formal Spoken Arabic:

"This revised edition is sound in approach and cultural content; it enables academicians and professionals alike to acquire a spoken vernacular that transcends the boundaries of diverse Arabic dialects while carefully overcoming localisms—thanks to the authors' classroom- tested and adaptable materials and masterful approach that seamlessly weaves commonalities among spoken dialects into one learnable language variety." —Mohssen Esseesy, assistant professor and coordinator, Arabic Program, George Washington University

"Karin Ryding's Formal Spoken Arabic is a milestone in the teaching of spoken Arabic, the only book of its kind. This textbook presents the Arabic used for a wide range of situations—an intermediate variety between spoken colloquial Arabic and the written language. It addresses the critical need for communicating across dialects and can be used anywhere in the Arabic-speaking world." —Margaret Nydell, director of graduate studies in Arabic, Georgetown University