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Fast Track Italian

Fast Track Italian

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The Global Business Language Program

This audio program includes advice on business etiquette and social situations; fascinating historical, cultural, and political insights so you can travel and communicate with confidence; over 950 contemporary words, phrases and expressions at your fingertips.

With this program you will be prepared to communicate and transact business in Italy in no time!
• Make contacts, send a fax, negotiate with ease
• Ask directions and make travel arrangements
• Meet and entertain associates with confidence

The convenient audio format with native pronunciation and the comprehensive book, which contains the complete audio text plus business and travel reference sections, combine into a fully integrated business language and travel program.


• Three hours of instruction on 2 audio cassettes
• Wallet-sized phrase guide for quick and handy reference
• 56-page pocket-sized book containing the complete text of the audio program, business and social customs, travel information and pronunciation guide.

2 Audio Cassettes