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German in 10 Minutes a Day

German in 10 Minutes a Day

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Includes effective study aids to help you learn German fast

German in 10 Minutes a Day is a practical, fast and easy way to learn German.

Included in the book are the following study aids:

  • Flash Cards - Cut these out and whenever you have a free moment, flop through them to review the vocabulary introduced in the book
  • Sticky Labels - Label over 150 items in your home, classroom or office. Every time you see these sticky labels you will be learning your new language without any extra time or effort
  • Games and Quizzes - Each step has its own special element of fun - word games, crossword puzzles and much more!

The concept of the Language in 10 Minutes a Day is simple: Do a little bit every day! This approach is designed for you to succeed. What is important is that you spend a little time every day on your new language.

Let the process be fun. There is no set speed or time limit. You set the pace. If you are enjoying what you are learning, don't stop even if you have been working for an hour! You can have fun and learn at the same time!