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Gremlins of Grammar

Gremlins of Grammar

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A Guide to Conquering the Mischievous Myths That Plague American English

A lighthearted romp through the basics of American English that will help even the most grammatically challenged readers perfect their skills.

Do your participles dangle indelicately? Do you dare to split infinitives? Do you tremble at the thought of ending sentences with a preposition? Whether aspiring wordsmiths or avowed grammar geeks, readers will delight in this witty instructional that takes the bite out of American English. The Gremlins of Grammar offers a piquant primer for professionals, students, and anyone who wants to write it right and speak with style.

Written by two gurus of grammar, this primer takes you on an irreverent adventure through the language. Keeping it simple, the authors cut out fussy "grammarspeak" to give you the real scoop, telling you exactly what you need to know about:

  • The parts of speech: Be accurate in your use of adjectives, adverbs, and even interjections--hooray!
  • Punctuation: Know where to stick your commas and those other pesky marks.
  • Pronouns: Figure out which is which and which does what to whom.
  • Verbs: Get a little action into your sentences.
  • And much more

With tips on spicing up your vocabulary and spelling with confidence, the authors show you how to put it all together with style. Whether on paper, on the Internet, or in everyday speech, you'll be cleaning up those sloppy sentences in no time.

Paperback Book, 210 pages