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German Verb Drills

German Verb Drills

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The Key to Mastery of the German Verb System

All those who seriously want to speak or write German well must acquire a thorough knowledge of its verb system. The conjugation and use of German verbs, however, is an area that often poses considerable difficulties to students of the language. German Verb Drills aims at helping learners overcome these obstacles, so that they can confidently use verbs when expressing themselves in German.

Combining the features of a textbook, workbook, and a self-study manual, German Verb Drills clearly and systematically explains how the German verb system works, while providing numerous and varied exercises for thorough practice of each point covered. In addition, the exercise Answer Key at the back of the book provides invaluable support when learners need to clarify a concept immediately. Regular reviews also reinforce learning.

The range of topics treated in German Verb Drills includes:

  • Regular Verbs in the present, future, past, present perfect, and future perfect tenses of the indicative mood
  • The imperative mood
  • Present and Past Conditional
  • Simple and Compound Tenses of the Subjunctive Mood
  • Uses of the Subjunctive Mood
  • Strong, weak, and mixed verbs
  • Modals
  • Verbs with vowel changes
  • Separable prefixes
  • Reflexives
  • Impersonal Verbs
  • Active and Passive Voices
  • An index of verbs and their principal parts

Concise explanations of the use of verb tenses and moods are augmented and implemented in the rich exercise material in this book. In this way, exercises not only provide intensive practice; they also offer an ample fund of examples illustrating usage.

German Verb Drills will prove to be an invaluable study aid to all those wishing to perfect their knowledge of German verbs. Whether used as a textbook supplement in a German-language course or as a self-study text for learning and review, this book will simplify the complexities of this crucial area of German-language studies.

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