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Hebrew The Basics plus Everyday

Hebrew The Basics plus Everyday

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This package consists of 2 CD-ROMs.

The first, BEGINNER SERIES is a comprehensive language learning system tailored to meet the needs of the novice. There are no phrases to memorize or verbs to conjugate. The language is absorbed gradually through a series of self-guided and easy-to-follow lessons that cover the following topics:
• Asking Questions
• Using the Postal Services
• Inquiring for Direction
• Shopping Anywhere
• Making a Telephone Call
• Working with a Calander
• Traveling Abroad
• Talking about the Weather
• Ordering in a Restaurant
• Counting Money
• Reading Street Signs

A recording feature allow you to compare your pronunciation with that of a prerecorded native speaker. After completing all 20 lessons, you'll be on your way to a broad vocabulary for conversing in Hebew. In the second CD, EVERYDAY SERIES, you learn to speak Hebrew quickly and easily by clicking on, listening to and repeating over 3000 words and phrases and conversations. You can record your own voice and compare it to a native speaker's. Hypertext links make this program easy to use.

You get:
• A Guide to Pronunciation
• Useful Topics: Greetings, Introductions, Shopping, etc.
• Explanations of Grammar and Useage.

This double CD-ROM package makes it easy to acquire Hebrew in the privacy of your own home. And it's a great bargain too!