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Hebrew Dictionary - NTC

Hebrew Dictionary - NTC

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Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew

NTC's Hebrew and English Dictionary defines the most common words and phrases used in Hebrew and English. The vocabulary is oriented to the twentieth century contemporary usage in both languages, without archaisms or poetic forms.

Each part of the dictionary has an appendix incorporating essential grammatical information, summarized simply and lucidly. These appendices include verb tables and paradigms for both languages. In the HebRew-English section, this includes a complete presentation of the regular "complete" verb in all seven conjugations, and also the full declension of prepositions which have pronominal suffixes. In the English-Hebrew section the principal parts of the irregular verbs are listed, and also a summary of tenses, including active and passive forms.

The Hebrew-English section incorporates a phonetic transcription of each word (not of compounds), in accordance with a key that is given in the grammatical summary.

Compound words have been given special treatment in that they have not been treated as such in their translation or listing. Compounds have been included when their over-all meaning cannot be equated with the sum of their two components.

Hardcover Book, 1200 pages