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Hammer's German Grammar and Usage

Hammer's German Grammar and Usage

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The pre-eminent, most authoritative German grammar reference in the English language

Considered the preeminent English-language grammar reference for the German language, Hammer's German Grammar and Usage will aid your learning of the language as it is spoken today. Professor Martin Durrell avoids encumbering you with prescribed rules and instead bases his coverage on current usage, including regional variations and registers of the modern standard language.

Thoroughly revised and updated, the fourth edition includes new spelling and punctuation that reflect the German grammar reforms, updated examples, expanded tables summarizing basic points, and a glossary of the grammatical terms.

Its dual role as a grammar reference and manual of current usage makes this book an essential part of your language-learning library. If you are an intermediate or advanced level student, a teacher, or a reader of German in need of a refresher, you will find Hammer's German Grammar and Usage invaluable to your understanding of the language.

Paperback Book, 576 pages