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Harrap's Spanish/English Business Dictionary

Harrap's Spanish/English Business Dictionary

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Easy-to-Use | Authoritative | Comprehensive | More than 40,000 References

Your partner in building successful relationships with Spanish-speaking business people, Harrap's Spanish and English Business Dictionary is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use reference of everyday business language and is the essential guide for anyone seeking to do business with Spanish-speaking countries.

This fully up-to-date dictionary offers more than 40,000 references, with usage examples throughout. It covers everyday business language, as well as the more technical terms used in specialized business fields, including finance, insurance, computers, marketing, and the stock exchange.

Harrap's Spanish and English Business Dictionary also includes:

  • Examples throughout to show the language in use
  • Hundreds of boxed quotes from the business press in Spanish and English
  • Tips on working with translators
  • Articles on meeting protocol
  • Information on nations of the world and administrative divisions
  • Explanations of financial statements in Spanish ando English

Also featured are extensive Spanish and English guides to fit the needs of various types of business communication, including correspondence, meetings, faxes, e-mails, and CVs.

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